Sea Monster SL 1027

Sea Monster High Speed Boat Lift Controls

Highlights on why Sea Monster Truly is the “Next Generation” Boat Lift Drive:

  • Increased Speed is electronically achieved without changing lift design or mechanics; getting the boating enthusiast on the water quickly to more readily enjoy the benefits of having a boat.
  • A true self leveling feature (available on the 2 and 4 motor Sea Monster) Accomplished perpetual without switching motors Off and ON or “eyeballing” boat levels by the user. The customer turns it on and it automatically levels, creating a safer dock side environment while eliminating the guess work and hassles for the lift operator.
  • Sea Monster SL 1024 has settings for acceleration and deceleration allowing the lift motor to ‘ramp up and down’ which minimizes stress on mechanical and electrical components for a longer lift life. Presently “across the line” motors have to start and stop at the max speed of motor creating constant equipment (and boat owner) stress!!
  • Programmable code for security and safety. Protects from theft and inadvertent use.
  • User friendly/easy operation interface located on the front of the drive with membrane switches and digital read outs.
  • Sea Monsteralso has programmable limits – making for true custom-ability
  • Remote Control Versions are also available for all of our systems
  • Web assistance and technical guides also available
  • Great Service and warranty –giving long term satisfaction and real help to our customers
  • Sturdy Construction – Sea Monster’s durable construction and corrosion proof materials are built to last!